Our Coffee

All coffees can be purchased by the pound ($15.00), 3/4 pound ($11.25), or 1/2 pound ($7.50). If you'd like your coffee ground, let us know your brewing method. Wholesale orders welcome.

Delivery is free within the Portland metro area. And shipping is free on all orders sent within the continental U.S.!

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Central/South America
Acidity: medium to high
Body: light
Flavor: well-balanced, sweet, intense, tangy
  • Brazil Santa Ines Yellow Bourbon

  • Brazil DECAF

  • Guatemala Antigua Estate Peaberry

  • Peru Fair Trade Organic El Palto-Sr. Bravo

Acidity: medium
Body: medium/syrupy
Flavor: spicy, wine-like, cocoa, citrus fruits and berries
  • Cameroon Juju Java

Acidity: low
Body: bold, strong, heavy
Flavor: powerful, robust, earthy, smooth, flowery, bitter tones
  • Sumatra Mandheling-Aceh Triple-Pick

  • Remy's Espresso Blend

  • French Roast Blend

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